The Healing Sunshine Chapter 7: The Night in Wellington 2

The Healing Sunshine Chapter 7: The Night in Wellington 2

“You performed very well,” he pulled her down those flight of steps, bent over, using his finger to wipe away the lipstick on her lips, “but only that the lipstick is too thick; your teacher’s taste in choosing color is too poor.”

The tip of his finger was stained red.

So it actually looks really horrible? She was talked to such that she suddenly blushed, but still stuttered, “You……how, New Zealand……”

Ji Chengyang smiled, “I came to see you perform. Very surprised? Not like it’s the first time.”

Of course very surprised, so surprised that it might actually surprise her to death.

It is not some performance hall in Dongcheng district[1], this is Wellington…… She suddenly remembered Su Yan. He couldn’t have come here to see Su Yan perform right? It can’t be, right? Just a cultural exchange performance, not like it is some world competition……

The location where they were standing was just at the corner of the first floor.

There was nobody.

She looked at him, countless of question marks flashed across her mind, and also indefinite excitement, great joy, and surprise.

He instead found that he had only wiped away the lipstick on her upper lip, facing her like this, with her eyes brightened up because of happiness and also those lips on which half of the lipstick partially remained; he wanted to wipe away all of it, yet hesitated.

Unexpectedly no longer fully at ease anymore.

Is it because the little lady has grown up already?

He came, because he has this reason to finish this matter. Six years ago it was in Beijing, this time it is Wellington, last time he had to spend half a day’s time, but this time, he just spend a few more days’ time. If he really wanted to travel to relax, why chose this place? Making her feel, that she is imprtant.


“You….. really came here to accompany me?” Her voice was a little rough, yet it could not obscure her happiness and joy.

“Really,” he eventually decided to take out a packet of tissue paper, handed it to her, “Coincidentally wanted to see jade-colored ocean and blue sky.”

In a city like this, it is easier to forget those bloody images.

Her face suddenly turned red, simply unable to hide, could not be concealed; she could only lower her head and took out a piece of tissue paper, repeatedly wiping her lips, putting in so much effort to wipe.


She still had her head lowered continuing to fight with the lipstick he did not like, when there were already around ten people or so walking down the stairs. They very naturally discovered Ji Chengyang, yet what was more surprising was that they all knew him. These young artists who came with Ji Yi for the cultural exchange, unexpectedly were all familiar with him.

“Ji Chengyang, it really had been one hundred years!” I still remembered in the fourth year being beaten by you for the first price.” A man put his arm around his shoulder, laughingly teased, “The photo in my wife’s wallet, until this day, is still the group photo of us five people after the competition. You are simply the class enemy of us husband and wife, a life-long wound in the heart!”

Afterwards, from the conversation, she could pretty much guess the reason.

During those days of his, these people definitely had participated in city-level, national-level, or international-level competitions. The conditions for kids born in the 70s was rather poor compared to her lot from the 80s, those who could study from a young age as these people could were few in the first place, those who could participate in the same competition were probably even fewer? This was the so-called “competing adversaries” turned great friends?

Ji Yi, surrounded by these men and women who were conversing with extreme happiness, felt that she had become the most discordant part.

Moreover, these people had also just finished performing, all were dressed in the most traditional formal dresses and suits.

These over ten people in front of her, at the airport were also the focus of the entire group, the men graceful, the women dazzling, calm and at ease in conversation, even at this moment, still as always inspired in others admire and envy.

Wang Haoran laughed, “Stop teasing, you can’t even compare to me, then shouldn’t show off to Chengyang like that.”  Just after he was finished, he discovered Ji Yi, instantly crouching down, asking her: “Why did you wipe off all of the lipstick? Just now beside the stage watching you play guzheng, you were especially beautiful, it’s like you have walked out of a traditional painting.”

Ji Yi had never been praised with such compliments before, even more so in front of these elders who had won all sorts of prizes……

“Thank you.” She seemed really not to know what else to say beside this.

“Ai? Wang Haoran, I feel like what you have said sounded off,” Su Yan suddenly moved in closer, “must be thinking unwholesome thoughts?”

“What are you saying? I have always said one when there was one,” Wang Haoran had always been unperturbed, being looked with extremely curiousity by the whole crowd, simply half-jokingly, half-seriously said: “This is my future little girl friend.”

Su Yan knew he really had this little thought, laughingly said: “You are finally willing to confess?”

…… Those surrounding people were taken by surprise, then immediately broke out in laughter.

Ji Yi, not anticipating that the topic could have taken this turn, regardless whether it was a joke or something else, began to feel a little uneasy.

She looked at Ji Chengyang being held by his shoulder by the man from before, and was saying something, probably having heard the laughters, thereforr had looked over. Her eyes met his, got even more nervous, said “good bye” then ran upstairs.


“You have scared away your future little girl friend,” someone mocked, “That’s not right? This little girl wasn’t with Ji Chengyang just now? Chengyang, she’s your niece?”

Ji Chengyang finished talking, looking at Ji Yi’s back running up the stairs, saying: “A child from a friend’s family.”

Ji Yi hid at the stairs on the second floor, looking at them walking away in the distance.

“A child from a friend’s family”……

In fact, what he had said was not wrong in anyway, she was to him, just a child. She felt somewhat disappointed, looking at those people who seemed as if they emitted halo, she felt that it was so difficult to get close them.


[1] 东城区: Dongcheng, literally East City, a district in Beijing, around 10 km from Sanhuan, where Ji Chengyang’s living compound is located in the novel. (stalker fangirl ^0^ lol)


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