The Healing Sunshine Chapter 7: The Night in Wellington 1

Suddenly (Huranzhijian), she felt as if she had entered into a dreamland. 

Suddenly, I’m posting another chapter, only because I want to use the word suddenly too!


第七章: 威灵顿的夜

Ten days later, she submitted her intention for class assignment: the arts stream.

In fact, the whole class had already been divided once after the first year of high school was finished. It was only because the curriculum for the experimental class was different from the others classes, they must complete the whole high school curriculum in the first semester of the second year of high school and therefore, were managed specially, only at the end of high school second year would they finalize their intention for the arts or science stream.

Of the entire class, there were only four people who chose the arts stream, the teachers again and again with heart pain and headache, managed to dissuade two of them.

“You shouldn’t consider that you placed second in the arts, let me tell you, Ji Yi, choosing the arts the path is narrow, studying arts, that is something anyone can do, it is the science stream that is much more promising,” homeroom teacher lectured to Ji Yi in the office, so angry that he/she(?) keeps drinking water, “you will also get bonus points for special skills [1], it’s such a waste! Look at Class leader, even though he placed first in the arts, doesn’t he still stay in the experimental class? ”

She stood behind her decision, moved her things into the new class just that afternoon.


Her classmates in the new class had already been hanging out for a year, long familiar with each other, seeing this person from science stream experimental class landing down from the sky, they felt at least some aversion. Moreover, Ji Yi, being in the experimental class but still held second place examination result in the arts, she really did not give any courtesy to all of them who had studied the arts for one whole year.

However, homeroom teacher of the arts stream was happy to death, thinking in his/her(?) mind: finally managed to snatch this child over.

Ji Yi, seeing Zhao Xiaoying who was sitting in the fourth row also happy to death, winked at her.

After  a month of make-up study, it was already the time for the musical group’s cultural exchange in New Zealand.

They would depart towards the end of August, returning on the tenth of September.

Because of this, all of the teachers’ complaints filled the road (were heard everywhere), worried that this will delay the students’ study time. Nevertheless, for such a program, the school basically did not have any rights to say anything, because accompanying them were also several young artists; it was a big cultural visit group.

Before leaving, she, as always was her habit, took out that little note written by Ji Chengyang and began to pack her things. Now that she had grown up, looking again at the note in which nothing had been omitted, she discovered his attentiveness even more. Ji Yi read all the way down up to the line before the last line, did not dare to reread that word which made her flush, carefully folded the paper, putting it back in the same place.


That day when they went to the airport, the weather was extremely hot.

After Ji Yi’s luggage was checked, the only thing left was the school bag. When it was almost departure time, she placed the school bag in the compartment, suddenly, her skirt was tugged by a friend, she was confused, “Is there anything you want me to put away for you?”

“Over there there is a handsome guy looking at you, been staring at you for quite a while already,” the friend from the musical group said, “The way he looks at you is like a big bad wolf. (bad person) [2]”

Ji Yi turned back her head to look, only to find a person which made her extremely surprised.

Wang Haoran?

And also Su Yan who was beside him and craning to look at her while also smilingly talking to him……

Wang Haoran saw that she had turned back her head, beckoning his hand at her saying: “I’ll go find you after take-off.”

She was a little unsure how to respond, after she had sat down, the friend beside her yet again asked with a low voice: “You really know him? Just now teacher said that most of the people on this plane were from the exchange group, that person can’t also be the same?”

Regarding what Wang Haoran did, she really was not sure; they had met in total only a few times.

Afterwards when the plane had taken off, Wang Haoran really did walked over, she then finally found out that he and Su Yan were both the young artists that had come for this exchange trip.

“You didn’t know? Me and your little uncle Ji met each other precisely because at first I was beaten by him in a competition,” Wang Haoran explained, “But being beaten by him was not embarrassing, what’s regrettable is that, he had already given up piano.”

What Wang Haoran studied was piano,  while for Su Yan, it was violin.

Ji Yi suddenly discovered that what she had studied were all very patriotic, the dance she studied was traditional dance, the instrument she studied was also Guzheng…… with Ji Chengyang, there was nothing that could be said to be related.


This time was a trip with the musical group, the performance was also given as a group, there was nothing that was a solo performance.

Actually, ever since that time at ten years old when she embarrassingly ran down from the dancing stage, she had been very afraid of going on stage alone; there were many times, even those times when they were little parties in school or within the district, she had all declined the teacher’s request for her solo performance. Even so, she still had to listen to music to ease her nervousness before going on stage; for example this time the song in the CD player was Huranzhijian (Suddenly) [3].

Karen Mok’s 1999 album, Zhao Xiaoying bought it in the second year, gave to her as a birthday present.

She looked at her friends from the musical group sitting in front of her excitedly conversing, nervously stamping their feet, listening to Karen Mok singing with her raspy warm voice, in a daze, when the teacher suddenly appeared in front of her, smilingly said: “How could I have forgotten to put on lipstick for you? Going on stage like this would be too unpleasing.”

The performance for the exchange was not taken that seriously; still, make up was required, and stage make up must especially be a little heavier than everyday make up.  A thick layer of lipstick was applied on her by the teacher, making her feel very uncomfortable, after she had finished performing, she quickly changed into school uniform and went to the bathroom to wash her face.

Approaching the bathroom, it was overcrowded with people. She lifted her head to look at the sign, continued to look for another one. Just was she was turning to go upstairs, after she had walked up a few rungs, Ji Yi was suddenly taken by the arms by someone, she cried out in fear.


Turning back her head.

Suddenly (Huranzhijian), she felt as if she had entered into a dreamland.

Just at that moment, the lyric of that song which had been lingering in her mind rang: “The earth can suddenly be rid of everything……

Just leave one Ji Chengyang.


[1] The teacher is referring to university admission process which also considers other aspects such as special talents (e.g. musical, athletic) when admitting students.

[2] 大灰狼,the big bad wolf from Little Red Riding Hood. Meaning a bad person. Not to be confused with 色狼,which means a lecher. 😛

[3] 忽然之间, Suddenly, a song most famously (I guess?) sung by Karen Mok.

忽然之間 天昏地暗

All of a sudden, the sky dims and the earth darkens

The earth can suddenly be rid of everything

我想起了你 再想到自己
I think of you, then turn to think of myself

我为什么总在非常脆弱的时候 怀念你
Why do I, always in my weakest moments, think of you

我明白 太放不开你的爱
I know, I just cannot let go of your love

Too used to your care

分不开 想你算是安慰还是悲哀
Cannot decide whether thinking of you is consolation or pain

而现在 就算时针都停摆
And now, even if the clock’s hand stands still

even if life were just a speck of dust

分不开 我们也许反而更相信爱
Cannot decide, on the contrary, maybe we still believe in love

如果这天地 最终会消失
If the earth should eventually disappear

不想一路走来珍惜的回忆 没有你
I don’t want to let the precious memories from the journey be without you



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